I am devoted to sharing the facts about the good President Trump is accomplishing for all Americans. Educating people to the truth is my goal. Below you will find links to some of my recent political essays and links to archived recordings of radio interviews with me in 2017 and 2018.

President Donald J. Trump

I love this man. 

Twenty-seven years ago, I wrote Donald Trump, and was very happy to receive a letter and signed photo in reply. Having read his books (learning much from them which influenced my life positively) and followed his career,  I have admired, respected, and deeply appreciated him for many years. However, little did I know then, that my hope he would one day run for president, would not only come to pass but also at a time so many years later his presidency would personally transform me, as well as the country. 

After years of passionate involvement politically, I had dropped out. Rejecting everything to do with government, elections, political ideologies and parties  - seeing only parasitic politicians with agendas at the helm existing on the suffering of Americans and people worldwide, I had chosen to completely disengage from political activities, despite my previous active past in national and state politics. I had decided to eliminate politics from my life entirely, despite my aptitude and my passion for wanting to make a difference. The arena had become too disgusting to involve myself with. I believed in love, and no where did I see love evinced.

Then, came Donald J. Trump. The man I admired since I was young, deciding to run for the presidency, and running on his Make America Great Again, I became intrigued, and very pleased within. A man speaking of the Constitution, a man I knew from following his career was a man of action, and most importantly a man who I completely trust to be sincere. For years, his rejection of political correctness I deeply admired. I knew he was a man who spoke his heart and mind. And it was a heart and mind I appreciated for its strength, boldness, and honesty.

To this girl, who had ceased to feel connection any longer with country, flag, or creed, came a man elected to the presidency who espoused a movement of love. A man who expressed love for the people of the country. A man who immediately, upon gaining office, went to work to make government work for us. I appreciate his frequent communication directly with the American people. It is the most reliable way he can get his accomplishments and goals expressed. I have been deeply impressed and in full agreement with numerous actions he has taken since in office. 

And into this girl, entered a renewed love of country, I again felt like there was an America to love, and I felt happy to be an American. I again could believe in the beauty of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, for the principles and liberties espoused in these documents was not dead, only ignored by those with governmental power. All it took was a man of action to do his best to rebuild our nation's greatness, our freedom, to restore my devotion to country once more. 

And once more, after years of my flagpole being empty, I now again fly the American flag at my home. Again, in all gratitude to President Trump for opening my eyes, and giving us a beautiful strong example of what one man do.  I love this country; I again feel I have a country to love.

I have been transformed.

I went from utter rejection of all political activity, to wanting to again be involved. So many areas he focused on, I had an immediate rapport with. Others required my learning more, especially in areas where President Trump's stances differed from a few of those I had developed a different perspective upon over the years. I have been conservative and liberty-focused on many issues for years, though on a few issues issues I had gotten off track with some of what I now see were false (and naive) political concepts. My appetite to seek truth found my gaining greater understanding in those areas than ever before. Though on many issues, I was with him from the start, on some I needed more knowledge to better understand his rationale and approach. All it took was research. I was strongly motivated due to my trust in his purpose, principles, and way of thinking. Having a president whom I trust, makes all the difference, as I know he has far more knowledge with his advisors than we do, and I can trust his decisions are always made after much deliberation. And, now, after much more research and consideration, I can say without reserve, I wholeheartedly support President Donald J. Trump's approach in all such issues, and am prepared to, with the facts, share what I have learned with all who seek to learn the truth. All it took was an open mind and heart, seeking understanding, to learn the truth and understand his stances and decisions.

It took a man I trusted, one who I knew was there for the good of all of us, for the good of this country, to restore my desire to again be involved politically. Likewise, never did I realize there were so many other individuals, like myself, who would value a man of integrity. Now, I see there is hope, I care again, and want to be part of the difference our fine president is creating, because I believe what he is achieving now will bless this nation, our people, and to the world serve as a beacon of light once again. I believe each of us who value and appreciate what he has chosen to give us must do whatever we can to support him. 

Due to his energy, his stamina, his commitment, his devotion, I have evolved to now realize a good individual can make a difference  even in a dark morass as has beleaguered him; even while inheriting such difficult situations due to the weakness of prior administrations, President Trump has with integrity spoken and acted from courageous love for the American people, and regardless of how many try to obstruct him, he keeps on going. Why? For us. For this country. And now, because of him, I see that light can still be brought into a system I thought was too bleak and barren. Now I see when motivated by love, and principle, as he is, good can still be accomplished.

I dedicate this page to sharing President Trump's achievements (of which there are many already), along with my own commentary (written, video, etc.) in support of him and his love for all of us as Americans. Here I will also share my thoughts on various issues as they arise, including my present understanding and how it was already or developed into full agreement with President Trump on matters such as North Korea, immigration, and even the war in Afghanistan (of which I had been a vocal opponent for years, of which I now understand immediate withdrawal would be a disastrous move.) Much of my understanding of our president's decisions emanates from my study of history and researching current events in view of what truly is best for America, and my desire, too, to Make America Great Again. I ask all visitors to this page, regardless of the political background from which you've come, listen to our president with an objective mind and heart, for I truly believe he has our best interest at heart.      - Christine Smith, August 24, 2017  (www.christinesmith.us)



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