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Christine Smith

Christine Smith, Colorado.

Christine Smith has been working as a creative adviser/consultant for individuals and businesses for the past several years.


Christine has appeared (in studio nationwide and via phone) on over 60 national & international radio shows as well as several television shows as a guest in interviews ranging from 30-minute interviews to 1-3 hour interviews regarding her views, writings, history, and work. Shows have been heard across the United States on individual stations nationwide (some internationally), others on 50,000-watt AM Talk stations heard across the United States, and syndicated. She has also been interviewed by Colorado radio shows, television programs, and newspapers. A BBC World News live interview was heard worldwide. 

She has also been a guest speaker at political gatherings with audiences from 100 to 1,000.


Writer, Public Speaker, Advertising Sales Director for national magazine, 
Creator and president/manager of two small companies, 

and Humanitarian Work

Formerly a professional writer for magazines and newspapers, she now writes only for pleasure, sharing thoughts and ideas on her blog. 

For 19 years as a freelance writer, Christine's magazine & newspaper articles covered a wide range of topics, including the arts, technology, business, investigative journalism, health, the environment, freedom, and human spirituality. She also wrote profile interviews of entrepreneurs/authors/doctors/lawyers/artists (including that of  historian/author Gore Vidal) for state and national newspapers and magazines and was retained to interview and contribute ten individual's stories to a book profiling entrepreneurs nationwide who had made major mid-life career changes. She was also hired to write a tourist guide for Europeans visiting Colorado, and she was commissioned by the Colorado Council on the Arts to interview artists throughout Colorado for national magazine articles. She has donated her public speaking and writing skills for years to help raise public awareness and support for a variety of charitable/educational/environmental causes.

She was also advertising sales director for a national physical fitness magazine for three years, and obtained national corporate sponsors to promote an event held at the Olympic Committee and Training Center.

She was the founder, manager and hostess for a major annual musical event for 6 years which brought visitors to Colorado from worldwide.

Christine also loves acting and singing, and in addition to theatrics and a few concert performances, she has done some commercial voice-over work.


Christine is a Trump Republican.

Politically involved since her early teens (in 1980, at the age of thirteen she campaigned for Ronald Reagan, distributing literature door-to-door and organizing a political rally in his support), she has actively participated/campaigned in local, state and federal candidates/matters, as well as being involved in educating the public about a variety of political issues. Her political positions have evolved over the years due to much firsthand political experience, research  and thought. She supports President Donald J. Trump's values and statesmanship as a fine example for all individuals to follow who wish to affect change (versus blindly following political parties and their establishment/status quo candidates). She emphasizes the individual, liberty/freedom, and personal responsibility; and she fundamentally rejects socialism considering it to be immoral, unethical and thus highly recommends the book The Law by Frederic Bastiat to all who think it has any merit. 

She now places her focus and teaching upon personal development, and advocates using one's resources to enhance their life as an individual (and then personally helping the persons and causes important to them). She emphasizes the power every individual has to create their life, with their free will, to be peaceful, joyous and content by living and teaching love.

Christine in studio during a 45-minute interview - lines were packed.



1998 through early 2005, Christine Smith provided thousands of prison inmates nationwide with hygiene basics/necessities they were otherwise deprived of. Over those years, she was able to:

* publish an interactive newsletter comprised of inmate's prose , poetry and artwork which was written by and distributed to prisoners across the country .

* furnish children's visitation/meeting rooms in prisons with children's books, toys, and furniture

* provide thousands of female inmates with items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, shampoo, soap, stationary and greeting cards .

* provide incarcerated women with Christmas gift packs of hygiene items and chocolates .

* give inmates' children nationwide Christmas items (Christmas gifts of toys and new clothing) and helped the grandmothers who were often caring for the children to have Christmas trees, Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner, and needed baby care items such as diapers .

* provide thermal underwear and socks for cold prisoners; and electric fans for those in very hot climates/prisons .

* be involved in helping a life & death situation where a number of prisoners lives were in jeopardy due to inhumane treatment and illness .

In addition to assisting prisoners and their children, she was also able to:

* provide Native American children (on Reservations) with clothing and toys

* help nursing homes, homeless shelters, and post-surgical centers with requested items for those they serve

(Christine was recipient of the Amigas Peace Prize in 2000 in recognition of her humanitarian work.)



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